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    Dec. 27, 2019, 1:05 a.m.

    Merry Christmas and Greetings from New Zealand!

    Wow - I am so happy to have found you, your blog, web-site and Forum!

    Also thank you for promoting TKGA - I have now signed up - and promptly downloaded your "patterns".... and have cast on too!

    So far I have done all my sweaters from waist and up, hence time for a change, - and as I have never done a saddle sweater, I have started with your Fibonacci Striped Sweater - but just in a nice solid teal...(Keeping it simple for the first one!)

    Working from the downloaded pattern, from TKGA, Cast on Summer 2019, I have kind off run into a bit of a "not sure what to do next" (unless I improvise and tinker a wee bit!).
    On page 5, where one has started sleeve cap and joined back of neck... That first paragraph, which start with "With Color A, "Knit to 1 st before marker.... etc" - I think I am fine with - BUT next one... I think I have to purl now - to go back towards neck edge... and is neck edge the place at the end of the 26 stitches - where one joined the two saddles?

    Could there be something missing? Hoping I can get back on right track again...
    Edited: (& added), Hmmm, I have just re-read and think I understand it all now.... will go for a good night sleep now - and try my idea first thing tomorrow!

    Anyway - I am really excited ... and ready for this new challenge...

    JohnInNZ (Ravelery name too)

  • Dec. 30, 2019, 2:32 p.m.

    I'm so happy you like the idea. I have a couple of comments and a question for you.

    Do you realize the difference between the pattern as published in the magazine and virtually the same pattern here (saddle shoulder version minus the color changes) is that the pattern you download on Phrancko.com will be custom fitted to your exact measurements? Of course it will cost you another $6, but I just wanted to make sure you realized the difference, especially since you are choosing to ignore the color changes in the magazine pattern.

    Second, the "neck edge" is the end of the entire row on your needles after you have joined the back of the neck and before you join the front of the neck to begin working in the round. So each row works from one front neck edge all the way around both shoulders to the other neck edge. Does that make it clear?

    And the question: I can't tell exactly where you are having a problem with the pattern. Could you copy the precise statement in your reply here? You should not have to "improvise and tinker" unless the pattern in the magazine has a mistake that I do not see. But I'm not sure which statement you are having trouble with, since you say "but the next one." I don't know which "next one" you mean. It is possible there is an error in the pattern. So please do let me know and I will check it.

    The patterns on the website have been tech edited again and again so they are much less likely to have errors. I have also made changes to make the ones on Phrancko.com clearer since people have told me where they did not understand them. I am always open to improving the patterns to make them as clear as possible.


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    Dec. 31, 2019, 3:21 p.m.

    Happy New Year!

    Thank you for your reply, suggestions and help.

    After re-reading the pattern again, it all came together and made senseMy apologizes for being doubtful John too soon
    English is not my first language, and I have gotten used to making sweaters from waist-line up, following Elizabeth Zimmermann's percentage system.

    Hence reading and following knitting patterns does not come easy or natural to me....

    However, it all came nicely together and worked out as your promised in your pattern! I am now past the sleeves (cap), have cast on the extra "under-sleeve" stitches and are motoring my way downwards now.....

    Thank you so much for sharing and showing your favorite "provisional chain cast on" too.... it is FANTASTIC.., at long last a provisional cast on which is quick and easy, both to cast on, and to pick up after-wards... It is already my favorite too!

    Yes, by now I realise I can enter any measurements in your "Design a Sweater" wizard - and get "tailor made" patterns as out-puts... thank you for this service.

    Yes, as I have had the "Light-bulb" moment - I realise the importance of "neck edge" and understanding how first it is the "end" - and then later the BOR gets "moved" etc...

    Pattern writing (for dummies) is not easy.. in my case it would have helped, if it had read"
    " Shape right front shoulder: With Color A, knit to right front neck edge, turn..... (finishing with), continue to knit to left front neck edge, turn."

    I do realise that in "pattern writing" one try to minimize words, being as short and precise as possible.... However all will be easier - as I now understand your "concept" and the "flow" of the knitting... (apologies for being impatient)

    Once again, thank you so much for sharing your concept and knowledge with us all.....


  • Jan. 1, 2020, 8:47 a.m.

    I'm so glad to hear it is working well for you. I would appreciate very much if you would take a picture of it and post it in the "Pictures of WIPs and finished sweaters" category. (WIP means "works in progress"). I would love to see more people work here.

    You have made me very happy this first day of the new year!


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    Jan. 1, 2020, 12:01 p.m.

    Happy to have made your day..

    I had trouble uploading pictures to the Forum, so have made it as a project on my Ravelery Projects page and linked to your pattern instead!


  • Jan. 3, 2020, 12:03 p.m.

    Thanks, John. It's looking great!

    Could you also add a link to Phrancko.com?